Candy Cake 4 Layers


Make all celebration worthwhile! Make your loved ones feel special with our Candy Cake. Celebrate all occasions and make it the most wonderful time of the year!

Candy Cake 4 layers consists:
• 4 pcs Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry 46.7g
• 3 pcs Wonka Nerds Double Dipped 46.7g
• 3 pcs Wonka Nerds Surf and Turf 46.7g
• 3 pcs Wonka Nerds Wild Cherry Watermelon 46.7g
• 1 pc Wonka Runts Theater Box 141.7g
• 2 pcs Wonka Bottle Caps Theater Box 141.7g
• 1 pc Wonka Gobstopper Theater Box 141.7g
• 2 pcs Fini Sour Tongues Multi Colored Belts 100g
• 2 pcs Fini Strawberry Belts Sour Tongues 100g
• 18 pcs Fini Watermelon Bubble Gum 5g
• 12 pcs Airheads Pallet 15.6g
• 60 pcs Jelly Belly Pyramid Assorted 100g
• 3 pcs Swirl Pop 12g
• Cake topper with your customize message
• Package comes with ribbon and cake box
• Includes assemble fee and shipping cost within Metro Manila

We also offer Candy Cake 100% customized and is made to order! You can choose what flavors, candies, color to put on your cake!
Please do contact us at 8633-3075 or you may email us at for us to create your dream candy cake!