Halloween Scavenger Hunt


Get creative with HALLOWEEN this year!! We bring you – the Candy Corner SCAVENGER HUNT!!!! No tricks here, just treats!! Bring some JOY into your household with a fun activity that you can do with the whole family!

What’s inside the box: 

  • a handy dandy guide on HOW to enjoy trick or treat at home: 1) Halloween Scavenger Hunt, 2) Halloween Activity Pack
  • 20 pieces of Candy Corner bags with mixed of 100g each and piece items – snackable sized treats in each bag are individually sealed.

14 pieces of Candy Corner treats in 100g bags include: 

Gummy Teeth, Jelly Belly Assorted, Gummy Tricolor hearts, Giant Gummy Bears, Jawbreaker, Gummy Bananas, Apple Belts, Cola Belts, Chocorocks, Shimmer Coral, Gummy Lips, Gummy Clear Hearts and Gummy Strawberry Kisses.

Piece items include:

Toys with Candy Formula 1, Nerds Wild Cherry Watermelon, Fini Strawberry Roller, Bubble gum in Ziplock, Nerds Rainbow Theater Box and Jelly Belly 20 Assorted.

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